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Division of Finance
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Brett Johnson
- Chief Financial Officer
Gina Lanier
- Controller
Karen Guyer
- Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer

Welcome to the APS Division of Finance

The APS Division of Finance includes Accounting, Accounts Payable, Budget ServicesGrants & Federal ProgramsNutrition Services, Payroll, Print Services, Purchasing, Risk Management, and Warehouse Operations. Over 375 Division of Finance professionals serve our community.

We are a team of highly motivated, creative and critical thinkers who safeguard, manage, and optimize the financial and in-kind resources of Aurora Public Schools. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of professional and ethical behavior. As stewards of taxpayers’ funds we are dedicated to:

  • Best practices
  • Complying with governmental regulations
  • Meeting district’s financial obligations
  • Balancing our budget
  • Accelerating resource allocation
  • Optimizing resources
  • Transparency

Our passion for our work is nationally recognized. APS’ Nutrition Services Director is Colorado’s 2015 Nutrition Services Director Of The Year. For 31 consecutive years the Governmental Finance Officers’ Association has recognized the Division of Finance for our Excellence in Financial Reporting.

We strive to deliver superior resources to our school so that every student can shape a successful future.

Accessing Your W-2 Form Electronically

It’s almost tax return season! W-2 forms for employees are available online at the link below. 

IRS regulations state that each employee who files a request to receive a W-2 electronically must also provide his/her consent electronically. By clicking on "Accept Consent" each employee states their intent to receive their W-2 form electronically. 

Furthermore, all employees agree to return to this site to print each W-2 on-line or to email the W-2 form to an email address. With this consent for an on-line electronic W-2, please understand that a paper copy of your W-2 will not be mailed. If you accepted the consent last year, you do not need to do that step again. 

W-2s will be available online at the link below by January 31. Save this link in your favorites for quick access! 


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Division of Finance